Coloring Your Speeches

Using descriptive language to paint word pictures.

FB_IMG_1537025645990Coloring speeches with Literal and Figurative Language can make words, phrases, and sentences come to life.

Descriptive language paints word pictures. Speech coloring can take multiple forms. Language can use be used literally or figuratively, whether the purpose of your speech is to inform, persuade, entertain or inspire. Understanding how to use all parts of speech when coloring your speech is crucial for creating vivid descriptions.

Adjectives are words used with a noun to express the quality of a thing named or to give specific details about nouns. Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives or other adverbs to limit or extending their significance. Adverbs usually express time, place manner cause, etc.

Speakers should also understand how and when to use Literal or Figurative Language.  Use literal language should be used to be direct and clear.  Clear and direct communication is useful when delivering detailed or factual information. Use figurative language to convey creative and original thoughts, ideas and concepts to create an emotional impact.

SIMILE Explicitly compares two dissimilar things by the use of like or as. ie, She was as cute as a kitten.  They fought like cats and dogs.

METAPHOR A term or phrase applied to something to which is not applicable, to suggest a resemblance. It does not use the explicit “like” or “as” to form the She is the apple of my eye. He broke my heart.

SYMBOLISM The practice of representing things by symbols. Using symbols to express ideas or qualities in art or In Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” – All the world’s a stage.

HYPERBOLE A direct exaggerates of speech used for effect not intended to be interpreted or understood in a literal I have a million things to do today. He’s as skinny as a toothpick.

PUN A play on a word or words. Using a word or words to suggest a different meaning or application. Puns may also be words that sound alike or nearly alike but are used differently often with humorous “Every calendar’s days are numbered.”

Literally coloring or highlighting the text of your speech can be fun and also helpful when preparing your speech for delivery. Put some color in your speeches to paint a brighter – brighter world. Happy speech coloring!!

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