Five eCommerce Entrepreneurship Tips for Parents with Disabilities

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After reading my article on following your dreams, a reader, Ed Carter asked, how can you “Follow your Dreams” when you are disabled? Ed also provided this article to inspire the physically disabled and perhaps the procrastinators still waiting for the right time to make their right move. Thanks, Ed Carter!

 Five eCommerce Entrepreneurship Tips for Parents with Disabilities

For parents with disabilities, becoming an eCommerce entrepreneur poses its challenges. But traditional workplaces can often be inhospitable for people with disabilities, and working from home on your terms can represent an improvement. These recommendations will help parents with disabilities follow their dreams and run viable eCommerce businesses.

Create a Business Plan

To run a successful business, you must start with a business plan. Suppose you’re wondering what to include in this plan. In that case, you’ll want to begin with the basics: write out a description of your company, how you plan to sell your products, what business structure you’ll choose, and your financial projections and expectations. This is also an excellent time to note if you’ll need any outside funding. To learn more about the process of becoming an entrepreneur, review this start a business guide for details.

Test Out Marketing Methods

You’ll need to market your business effectively to land your first customers. When you’re in the eCommerce space, having a distinctive logo is a must! This will help you make a lasting impression on people who visit your website and allow you to foster brand awareness. In a sector with lots of competition, the right logo can ensure that your company stands out.

You don’t need to pay for logo design services to complete this project: instead, you can use a free logo design tool online to get it done! You’ll start by choosing a style and icon and then include the text you want. This will generate a variety of logos with different fonts and colors that you can choose from.

Maintain a Reasonable Workload

As a business owner, you might feel like you’re under pressure to continuously grow your company and make more money with each passing month. But when you’re living with a disability, you need to put your health first, which might mean placing limits on orders from your eCommerce store, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Get Childcare Help

Even if you’re working from home, caring for your children on top of tackling your business to-do list can be difficult. You may want to talk to your partner, parents, siblings, or other nearby relatives and close friends about helping you out with childcare. What if you don’t have loved ones nearby who can help? You may want to enroll your child in daycare, even for just part of the week, so that you can handle pressing work-related tasks that require deeper concentration. To find the right daycare, What to Expect recommends getting references from your loved ones – they can help you evaluate your options based on their experiences.

Hire Employees

When you start your business, you might be tempted to handle every task independently, leaving you stressed and overworked. In the long run, trying to do too much can be damaging to your health. Instead, consider bringing a part-time employee or two on board or outsourcing some tasks to contractors. Suppose you’ve decided that you’re ready to hire your first employee. In that case, People recommend getting an Employer Identification Number, registering as an employer in your state, and setting up your payroll system. You’ll also want to share job descriptions across various platforms to attract the best candidates.

As a parent with a disability, you may have found that your past employers were not always accommodating. But when you run an eCommerce business from home, you have more control over your daily schedule and workload. With these tips, you can work independently and help your family thrive!

Author: HenryOMiller

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