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I arrived in California on the 18th of October 1989. My plans were simple. I would begin life all over with my kids. They were infants at the time. I was facing a bend in the road, which I felt could be the end of the road for our family of for and me.

It was the day after the Loma Prieta Earthquake when I arrived. The ground was still shaking. My kids had already had a month of their new life in San Jose with their aunties, and they just loved it. The drive from New York to San Jose lasted six long days. It was the first time I had even driven further than New Jersey. It was a trip that took a leap of faith. Driving across country solo was no easy undertaking.

One week after my arrival in California, I began work for Flextronics. The company was moving abroad, and I was tasked with cleaning up their bad debt portfolio. My accounting background with Helmsley Spear, where I worked in New York before leaving that state, gave me some insight into the world of technology. I was hooked and wanted more.

After the Flextronics shutdown, I worked as a Field Engineer for a company called Technocrat, servicing Altos Systems and Supporting their accounting applications. SCO was one of the companies I had to deal with almost daily. The apps I supported ran on UNIX. It was a surprise when SCO offered me the opportunity to support applications on their UNIX and XENIX platforms. I jumped at the opportunity. It was a jump that lasted over seventeen years.  In 1993 it was there  I discovered Toastmasters. After SCO, I spent three years at EMC supporting their Kazeon product. I now enjoy speaking at Toastmasters clubs, coaching, and doing workshops.

I enjoy technology as much as I enjoy Toastmasters; however, it is in music. I have always found my peace of mind. Looking back on that side of my life, which has yielded to speech writing, speaking, and coaching, I am reminded that you get the best out of life when you pick a path and give it all you’ve got.  Few have escaped trying to be a jack of all trades and being a master of none, but daily I am reminded that life is a marathon, not a sprint. And it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Henry I hope you don’t mind that I shared your blog on Point of Order’s FB page. Very well written!


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